Ancestral Supplements

Ancestral Supplements is a company that manufactures and sells ancestral supplements. They are an online store, carrying a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and others. Antoni’s company produces a wide variety of organic products sustainably, without the use of GMOs or pesticides. This gives them a competitive edge over many other brands that … Read more

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are tools that are used to clean things like cars, sidewalks, and boats. They work by spraying water at a high-pressure through a nozzle. The force of the water combined with the pressure is what gives the water its cleaning power. Pressure washers typically require a high-pressure water source to work, like a … Read more

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are a type of garment designed to reduce the amount of friction felt by the rider when riding a bicycle. They are typically made with spandex and nylon, though they can also be made with cotton and other synthetic materials. They are designed and worn by cyclists to keep the body cool and … Read more

Aloha Shirt

Aloha shirt. A loose, long-sleeved, collarless shirt with a plaid pattern of horizontal stripes in two colors: red and white. It is typically worn with slacks or shorts and sometimes with an unmatching jacket or coat. The aloha shirt was first designed in the 1930s by Russian Jewish immigrant and former New York City fashion … Read more

Regenerative Agriculture

A new agricultural system in which crops are grown to prevent soil degradation, instead of depleting the soil and leaving it depleted for future generations. In the past, agriculture has been a destructive practice. In order to grow enough food for everyone, farmers have been required to use large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides which … Read more

Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss cheese plant gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves which, develop holes as the plant ages (called “fenestration”), making its leaves resemble Swiss cheese. It grows well in Southern regions and is drought-tolerant. This plant has been used by many cultures to make tea, with the Cherokee tribe using it as a … Read more

Bamboo Cutlery

What’s a more sustainable choice for eating utensils? Cutlery made of bamboo, a tree-like grass native to Asia. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and is very easy to cultivate, requiring little water or land. In addition, it’s easier on your skin than many other types of wood. Bamboo Cutlery sets … Read more

Portable Oven

Portable ovens are designed to be easily transportable and can be used on a standard worktop. They differ in their cooking capacity but as they tend to be around six inches deep, cooking small meals is still possible. For example, if you were out camping with your children, you could use one of these portable … Read more

Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is a device that keeps you and your home cool by passing hot air from your house through a wet pad to be cooled using the process of evaporation. The pad is cooled by blowing air across it, for example from ceiling fans or an attic ventilator, and water is periodically added … Read more

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a type of thin, film-like material that is created using a process called sintering. This process uses heat and materials such as powdered metal oxides, clay or other ceramics to create a composite product that is strong, scratch resistant, and durable. It has the ability to increase surface hardness and provide … Read more